Available Accreditations

F5 Accredited Admin


General user of F5 Distributed Cloud Services.

Accredited Technical Specialist Secure Multi-Cloud Networking

(F5-ATS, XC Secure MCN)

User of F5 Distributed Cloud to reduce the complexity of networking across cloud providers. Seamlessly connecting and securing clouds, data centers and edge sites. Simplify the operations, maximize visibility and policy enforcement across a distributed cloud environment.

Accredited Technical Specialist
Application Security

(F5-ATS, XC AppSec)

User of F5 Distributed Cloud responsible for ensuring the security of an organization’s information technology (IT) infrastructure. This includes protecting the organization from cyberattacks, ensuring compliance with regulations and standards, and managing security incidents.

Program Details

F5 is offering Distributed Cloud accreditations for various technical specialties relevant to services and features offered through the F5 Distributed Cloud SaaS platform. The pages via the links above describe the requirements for each accreditation path. Once you have completed the requirements for an accreditation path, you will be issued a badge through F5's digital badging platform. You can access your digital badges there. The terms of your digital badge will be provided through F5's digital badging platform.

We are very happy to offer this program to our customers in recognition of the expertise you have with F5's Distributed Cloud Platform. Please let us know how we can improve this service to support you in being informed and expert on all that F5's Distributed Cloud ecosystem has to offer.